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Recruitment Process
Recruitment Process
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Recruitment agencies in mumbai Recruitment Process
DNS is a process driven Job Consultant in Mumbai. But a well structured process and latest hiring tools aren’t enough. Hiring a super star takes more than that.

A strong commitment to add value to client organization is the starting point of all our searches.
The entire Hiring Process can be bifurcated into the following broad phases:
Planning :  
This is the first step and also the most important step. The success of the entire recruitment activities solely depend on it. It is imperative that the candidate matches the client requirements and is perfectly aligned with client’s vision, culture, location, office timings, etc

The process involves identifying correctly the needs of both the client as well as the candidate. What does a client require in terms of skills, qualities, experience, education, and other attributes? What is the reporting structure? Does the job involve travelling? Are there any specific locations to search candidates from?

Mapping :
A list of industries and companies are drawn up to approach candidates. At times we ask our client if there are any specific industries or companies to be targeted.
Implementation :
Once the planning and mapping is agreed upon we use our exhaustive network, our data base and other sources to select an initial list of candidates. A comprehensive list of questionnaire is prepared before the candidate is contacted so that the right information is extracted for evaluation. Thus, initial screening is skillfully conducted to wean out the irrelevant ones. 

The short list is then sent to the client for a feedback. The shortlisted candidates are then lined up for interviews. Formal reference checks are carried out before the client interview. We follow up regularly, and we are in constant touch with both the client as well as the candidates.
Closure :
This stage consists of negotiations and follow up. We actively participate in the negotiation process, and utilize our expertise in assisting both the parties in attaining their desired objectives.

The follow up process is all about making the candidate feel at home on the first day at work, and to ensure that the documentation is complied with.
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