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Recruitment Companies in India

Placement consultant in Mumbai Our Services
We pride ourselves in being one of the few placement agencies in Mumbai who have built an extensive network with leading names in the industry and are able to provide recruiting solutions to job seekers as well as corporate customers from across the industry verticals with specific focus on customer requirements.

In accord to the highly dynamic and diverse requirements of today's businesses and industries, we offer them a bouquet of specialized recruitment solutions. Be assured that you will find exceptional candidates for a wide range of profiles from our vast and carefully categorized database. Our focused head hunting practice gives us an upper hand to better understand your corporate environment, business strategies and operations and forward relevant candidatures from our extensive job applicant database that best matches your exact requirements.

We have successfully assisted many reputed firms across Mumbai to fill in various positions (including entry level to mid - senior level) in the organization. Whether it is permanent or contract based recruitment you are looking for we can help you find the perfect skilled individual to fuel your organizations growth.

Our services include:
Recruitment consultant in India Executive Search and Placement :
Finding the best and experienced candidate for your company who will contribute to spearhead the growth of your company.
Recruiting Agencies in Mumbai Staffing Solution :
Using our industry knowledge and customer requirement we ensure we find the best portfolio that exactly matches your needs.
Recruitment consultant in India Payroll Management :
Expert and dependable payroll management services like payroll processing and payroll outsourcing so that companies can concentrate on business growth.
Employment agency Online Recruitment Services :
We allow our recruitment clients to advertise their job vacancies, conduct searches in our database of resumes and provide basic job application screening programs.
Recruiting Agencies in Mumbai Infrastructure & facilities :
1) Conducting preliminary interviews according to given specifications
2) In-house interviewing by company representatives of recruitment customers.
Numerous successful placements already done and counting, the dedicated and hard working professionals at DNS VENTURES PVT.LTD we evaluate every recruitment requirement with sheer thoroughness.
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